5 Tips to Take Care of Your Plants While on Vacation

In this article, we asked him to collect the 5 most useful things he recommends to keep your thumb green even during the holidays and to always ensure the right level of watering for indoor and outdoor plants.

Valerio speaks! Keeping plants and flowers alive and lush when we are away for long periods is easier than you think. Just follow some of these little tricks.

  1. We have always seen our mothers and grandmothers bring all the plants and flowers together before leaving for a trip. Have you ever thought about the reason? No, it’s not simply for the convenience of watering them all together in no time! Leaving the plants very close together increases the humidity around them and ensures that each one benefits from the perspiration of the others. Of course, it is important to gather the pots in a well-lit and possibly ventilated place, paying attention to direct sunlight which could “burn” your beloved plants.
  2. Another very useful trick that I always use also allows you to guarantee for the entire period of your absence the right need for water to your plants: just get a plastic bottle for each pot, fill it and make small holes on the cap, helping you with a drill. Then insert the bottle in the potting soil, with the cap downwards: the water will be released gradually depending on the humidity of the soil and the needs of your plants.
  3. It is also important to create the right ecosystem in order not to make the plants too fatigued. To do this you could fill several containers with water and place them near or around the vases, whether you choose to leave them inside the house or prefer to use the garden or terrace instead. The water contained in these containers evaporates and makes the surrounding area more humid, allowing greater transpiration of the plants which therefore tend to require less water to remain luxuriant until your return. There is one contraindication though: mosquitoes! Use this method only if there are not too many in the area where you live, or use very fine mesh screens to cover the containers.
  4. If you do not have time or space to use the methods mentioned above on the market, there is a slightly more expensive solution, but still very valid in case of prolonged periods of absence. These are the hydrogel capsules, which you can comfortably find in specialized shops and also in some supermarkets. How do they work? They must be inserted directly into the soil and gradually release the quantity of water necessary to feed your plants. Just follow the doses indicated in the package.
  5. Finally, the most complex solution, which you should consider in view of the next holiday, especially if you have a garden. This is automatically timed irrigation, which allows you to divide your garden into different areas and set the time when irrigation must begin and end.

In short, as you have read the ways to take care of your plants even on vacation there are, you just have to find the one that suits you. But do you know what I always recommend? Before you invent creative and expensive methods, always ask the best solution from your trusted gardener,

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