Camping tents: how to choose your holiday equipment

How to choose a camping tent for our holidays? It might seem like a simple question, but in reality you have to be very careful and evaluate many factors before buying camping equipment. In fact the tent has a great importance for the success of our trip and must be suitable for us and our needs. Best compact camping mess kit also required for camping.

A holiday in a tent is definitely a way to stay in touch with nature and regenerate your energy, but it is also a type of holiday that requires a lot of organization and a desire to adapt.

Abandoning a comfortable bed, private bathroom and television may seem more than a holiday a moment of stress, but there is absolutely nothing more wrong. Camping can give us unforgettable moments, especially for the little ones, as long as our equipment is the right one for us.

So let’s go and find out how to choose the best camping tent for our holidays and thus avoid problems by eliminating any source of stress.

Camping tent: how to choose the best one

There are some important questions to ask yourself before choosing our camping tent. But how to buy the right one? First of all we have to evaluate the number of people and then the places we need. A very useful trick to stay comfortable in camping is to buy a tent a little bigger than you would need: for example, if there are two of you, choose a tent with three. This is because usually the marked measurements are always a bit narrow and you could use the extra space to store your luggage.

Of course, this does not apply to those who have a travelling trip in mind and therefore need to carry as little weight as possible.

Another important choice is the material of the tent and its cover; generally they are made of polyester, but they can be equipped with only one sheet or have two. If it is true that those with a double sheet are more resistant to atmospheric agents, we must consider that those with a single sheet are lighter, so it is good to know our needs before proceeding with the purchase. The advice, however, is to choose waterproof tents and therefore have a nylon bottom sewn from the inside and that covers not only the part of the bunks, but the whole tent.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we must choose the model that comes closest to our idea of the perfect camping tent.
Here are the main ones:

  1. Trekking tents: these are light and easy to set up tents ideal for those who have to carry on their shoulders for a long time. However, they are often very small and therefore suitable for those who travel alone or at most in pairs.
  2. Igloo Tent: certainly the easiest to set up, it offers space in the back for luggage, is very light and suitable for campers in stages.
  3. Canadian tent: it is the classic tent; a small portable house with a sloping roof. Only flaw? Slightly uncomfortable to set up, but it is light and spacious.
  4. Cottage tent: A tent with a sleeping area separated by an entrance. It has more space, is ideal for families, but even here the assembly is more demanding.

Other camping equipment

Once we have figured out how to choose the most suitable camping tent for us, we must also consider other types of equipment.

Very important is definitely the sleeping bag: you have to consider well the heaviness because if you choose a sleeping bag that is too heavy sleeping in the summer by the sea will be very complicated. There are a lot of models, obviously it will be enough to evaluate our needs to buy the best one.

In addition to the sleeping bag we must also think about the mattress and we can find two models on the market; the first, the foam one, is very light and strong, the second, the inflatable one, is cheaper but less practical.

We must then buy the kitchen equipment, such as field cookers, pots and dishes suitable for travel; the products for personal hygiene and finally the first aid kit, absolutely essential.

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