The Flowers to Plant in Your Garden in March

Spring is coming, your garden and your balcony are ready to return to bloom more colorful than ever. It’s time to think about which flowers to plant to guarantee simple and beautiful spring blooms. As usual Valerio, our trusted gardener Yougenio makes us a list of the flowers to be planted during March. Primroses (Primula).

Primroses are colorful and cheerful flowers, they are not too afraid of the cold and can be planted safely in March. There are many varieties of this flower, some wilder and others more suitable for pot cultivation. In any case, it is important to plant them in areas that are not too hot and illuminated nor too windy: an area of ​​penumbra in your garden or terrace is the ideal area for this flower that will color your spring.

Tulips (Tulipa)

The tulip belongs to the Liliaceae family and is one of the spring flowers par excellence, the symbol of the Netherlands, which first imported it from Central Asia. They are also ideal flowers as balcony plants and need sunlight to grow. One of the advantages of this species of flowers is that it needs little care, if compared to the splendid result you will have in your garden.

Daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare)

Daisy is the flower par excellence, the one that children first learn to draw on a sheet of paper. Its notoriety derives from the fact that it grows in abundance in all the meadows of Italy; what not everyone knows is that daisies can be planted in pots, preferably in March. Covered with plastic wrap, after a few weeks they will be ready to be housed in a larger vase. Direct light and abundant water are the only treatments they will need during the summer when they will give light and life to your garden.

Crocuses (Crocus)

The crocuses that bloom in March are spring ones, not to be confused with the autumn species. They suffer a little from the wind and do not require a large quantity of water: for this reason, they lend themselves well to being grown not only in the garden or on the terrace, but even at home with some care (as is the case for all indoor plants). Their characteristic is the small, calyx-shaped flower that distinguishes them from the other spring species on this list.

Narcissus (Narcissus)

Daffodils are bulbous flowers that adapt very well to both the garden and the terrace. In addition to the lively color, their main characteristic is an intense and enveloping perfume. Maintaining them is quite simple, just check that the soil is always a little damp, but not too wet. To plant them, the advice is to put them a couple of centimeters from each other, to create a more scenographic effect in your garden or terrace.

Where to plant them

Planting these flowers in the garden is relatively simple, while it could become more complicated if you only have a terrace and little space. We have already talked about how to create a green space on terraces and balconies: the choice of flowers to plant and the relative vase depends first of all on the effect you want to achieve. For a flashy glance, you can choose the waterfall effect guaranteed by the suspended balconies, a solution that has the advantage of also conserving the walkable space of your terrace.

Another type of outdoor planters they are the cassette ones, ideal for vegetable compositions. Often you find them on sale in a rectangular shape and lately wooden ones are in fashion. Finally, there are the classic vases (of terracotta, plastic, ceramic or resin) that are usually used to grow plants individually but can also be chosen for effect floral compositions (for example with simple daisies), to as long as they are not too impressive.

If you need other ideas for your garden and your terrace, or if you simply want to arrange them for the summer, you can call a Yougenio Gardener at home whenever you want. He will give you the right advice to turn them into a relaxing place to enjoy the freshness of spring in serenity!

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