Think About Your Fall Plantings!

Fall plantings have lots of advantages! First of all, you can enjoy your vegetable garden longer and therefore save money. In this season, insects and weeds are less numerous which will require less vigilance. The rain is more abundant which will allow you to lighten the watering work.

It is very important to prepare your soil well to receive these new plantings. Start by removing the remains of ancient cultures. Aerate your soil by digging your soil then pass the rake. You can even add a new layer of compost!
Beware, however, of the slugs that will please your crops, be careful! Do not forget to cover the vegetables that fear frost with a veil.

On the flower side:

Green hand or not, here is a selection of flowers to plant in autumn.

  • Bulbs: planted in the fall they will give more vigorous plants. Decorative garlic, tulip, narcissus… everyone has their own style. Snowdrops will like cool, not too rich, well-drained soils in winter. Be careful, he does not like dry soils when summer comes. For the lily, choose a sunny place or in partial shade and sheltered from the wind. It will adapt to all types of soil but above all well-drained, rich and light.
  • Perennials, shrubs, and rhizomes: peony, delphinium, echinacea, rosebush, iris… Now plan what you want in flowers next year! We particularly like insurance, a flower appreciated for its long summer flowering which will bring a wild side to your gardens. She will like everywhere but dreads dry soils and high exposure. Also, consider the bellflower, a bell or star-shaped flower that prefers to be planted in the fall. Its long-term flowering will embellish your beds, balconies or terraces.

In the vegetable patch:

  • Spinach: for planting in autumn, prefer a sunny place. It will bear down to -10 ° C and you can harvest it even in winter.
  • Herbs: thyme, rosemary, chives, sage, lemon balm, mint … don’t wait until spring to plant them.
  • Rhubarb: it is very hardy and can withstand temperatures down to -20 ° C. Place all the same in a place in partial shade because it does not appreciate the hot weather.
  • Cabbage: this ancient vegetable is planted in autumn for harvest from late winter to early spring.
  • Lovage: the leaves, seeds, and roots are very popular in the kitchen. Plant it in a sunny place or in partial shade, in cool, rich and drained soil.
  • Fruit trees are also planting soon.

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