Velina Butternut Squash

The Squash Musk Violina is a late variety that gives violin-shaped fruit, beige to light brown skin. Fruit can weigh from 2 to 4 kg and measure up to 25 cm in length.

Consult the growing tips for Violina Butternut Squash

The soft and sweet flesh of the Violina squash is orange, and even more tasty than the famous Butternut Butternut Squash.

This squash, very good conservation, is delicious in velouté or gratins. Alisée has tried it and entrusts us with her pretty velvety recipe!

Butternut Squash Cream with Violina, Coconut, Ginger Alisee

For this recipe, you will need:

• 1 butternut squash violin
• 1 medium yellow onion
• coconut oil
• 2 pinches of coriander powder
• 400 ml coconut milk (1 box)
• 1 piece of fresh ginger (about 3 cm)
• salt pepper


  • Peel and cut the squash into large cubes, peel and mince the onion;
  • Saute for a few minutes with a tablespoon of coconut oil, two pinches of coriander powder and a pinch of salt;
  • Add the piece of ginger that has been scraped off the skin with a spoon or the back of a knife blade and about half of the coconut milk. If you want to enhance the flavor, finely chop the ginger before adding it;
  • Top up with water until almost covering the squash cubes;
  • Cook for about 30 minutes;
  • Remove the piece of ginger if you don’t want to mix it (a little weaker and even finer texture);
  • Mix everything, add the remaining coconut milk and adjust the salt / green pepper seasoning if necessary. The fact of incorporating the coconut milk in two softens the coconut note so that it does not prevail over the rest and gives a more creamy texture.

It’s ready! Good tasting!

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